Children’s Religious Education Pageant

If spiritual practice is a means of exploring one’s faith and expressing that faith to the world then parenting could be a form of spiritual practice, and so could a child’s experience of growing up in a family. Framed by the story, “The Empty Pot” by Demi, we share some spiritual lessons parents give children, and children give their parents.

Be that Teacher Faith Directs

Jesus, in our Unitarian theology, is not a savior, but a teacher, not a god, but an example for all humanity. He doesn’t do the work for us, but teaches us how to do our own work. And as an example of the best we can be, his example calls each of us to be teachers as well.

Chosen Family

Gathered round the manger is not a traditional family of mother, father, and child related by blood, but a family of choice including kings and shepherds and animals, from across a spectrum of diversity, seeking to be together to serve a particular vision. When we ask tonight in song, “Would you like to hold the baby?” the question is, do you want to join this family?

A Christmas Dream

The Christmas story is motivated by dreams. Angels appear in dreams to bring messages, instructions, and warning. And Christmas itself is a kind of dream. “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”, visions of sugar-plums, a dream of peace on earth. A candle-lit, vespers service to send you off to dream your dreams, or a dreamless sleep.

Lessons from Storytelling – A New Year’s Reflection

Storytelling is one of the most ancient methods of conveying important information from one generation to the next. From fables and folktales to grand sagas and epics, we use stories to remind ourselves of simple and enduring truths. As we prepare to step into a new year, let us be reminded of some of these lessons and learn to recognize the significance of the multi-faceted narrative.