Wellness of the Heart and Soul: Emotions, Relationships, Spirituality, Rest and Play

From wellness of the mind, last week, we turn this week toward the dimensions of wellness that lie in the realm of the “heart” the symbolic home of our emotional and relational selves; and our “souls” the realm of the spiritual issues: identity, meaning, and purpose.

Wellness of the Body: Self Care and Resiliency

Lastly we arrive at the wellness dimension of the physical body, our strength and our capacity to bounce back from the demands of stress.

The Tree of Life for Unitarian Universalists

The Tree of Life has become a common symbol for spiritual and secular groups. It has a rich and ancient history in many cultures. We can explore the cultural roots of the Tree, and take a fresh look at how it speaks to us today as a symbol of love and hope across the generations.

Gathered Here, Gathered Now

We begin our church year with our annual “Ingathering” service. I’ll introduce our worship schedule for the year. We start by recognizing the special quality of the present moment and the importance of living fully where and when we are.

At Most One God

The nominal theology of our historic faith, that God is a unity not a trinity, may seem obscure to us. The premises of that theology are still valid to our contemporary faith. We’ll look back at what Unitarian meant then, means now, and in these High Holy Days look back to our roots in Judaism.

Love and Justice

The core theology of the Universalist side of our history is that God’s primary character is love, not justice. So are there no consequences, then, for evil acts? Whenever we seek to balance the opposing values of compassion and accountability we face the same theological problem.