Creative Covenants

Unitarian Universalists are a covenantal faith tradition; we do not have a statement of belief that members and friends are required to follow. Both Unitarians and Universalists have a long history of creating these sacred, shared agreements. We will take a fresh look at some ideas and history around written and spoken covenants, and reflect on how they guide us today on our UU journey as individuals and as a community.


Death is a fact of life, the final fact, you might say. Linda Banez-Kay bought a sermon from me at last year’s Service Auction and she asked me to help the congregation think about and prepare for death. There is much to consider: spiritually, emotionally, practical considerations, and the consequences of our death for the people and the world we leave behind.

Love Can Guide Us: A Faith-Led Response to Welcoming Migrants

The humanitarian crisis unfolding along the borders in Mexico and the US, where detention centers have become camps of despair and pain, has left many of us feeling overwhelmed and powerless to respond meaningfully. Our faith tradition, however, requires more of us — it needs us to see ourselves in each and every individual, to recognize their dignity every bit as much as our own. On this day, we stop and remind ourselves of our strength, our power, and our commitment to our collective liberation.