With Love and Hope

Spiritual health lives in the tension between embracing what is and imagining something better. Between reality and vision. Between the constraints of material existence and the freedom of the spirit. Between mortal lives and ever-new creation.

Anchors Away

“World community with peace, liberty, and justice for all” is a Unitarian Universalist Principle. And yet, there are Unitarian Universalists who choose to serve in the military in a variety of capacities. How do these things go together? How can these Unitarian Universalists claim to have a goal of peace when they work for an organization that trains for war?

After ordination as a Unitarian Universalist minister Robin plans to become active duty in the Navy as a chaplain. She graduated from Union Theological Seminary in May with concentrations in Inter-Religious Engagement and Ethics (specializing in Islamophobia and Racism). Robin is now joyfully a full-time intern at the Unitarian Universalist Community Church in Santa Monica.