The Pillars of Joy

Whether the winter holidays find you as excited as an elf or as grouchy as a grinch, this timely service will explore how Unitarian Universalists can consider, and experience, a full measure of fun, happiness, and joy in our spiritual lives together.

Building Up a World

Spiritual practice can be done in community (like at a church), or alone, or, also, in public. Many Unitarian Universalists consider their volunteer work, activism, and political engagement to be a form of spiritual practice, grounded in their faith and focused on our religious goals.

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Giving Thanks or The Problem with Thanksgiving

Unitarian Universalists share a religious heritage with the Pilgrims, after whom we have modeled Thanksgiving. As the 400th year since the landing of the Mayflower approaches, we must revisit the impact of this history on our faith. Gather to address the problem with Thanksgiving and to dig into ways to give thanks that honor repair and wholeness.