Justice for Each Generation

UUCLB observes Earth Day by participating in a call from the Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth to worship in solidarity with 21 youth that have filed a constitutional lawsuit against the US President and federal government: Juliana v. US. We will lift up our own Green Team and the work of our volunteers in our garden and elsewhere who remind us of our connection to the Earth.

Right to Be Wrong

The new soul singer Joss Stone reminds us, I “got a right to be wrong… my mistakes will make me strong.” But for many of us, being “wrong” in any way – from spelling mistakes and failed recipes to errors in judgment and career missteps – brings up powerful feelings of weakness, shame, and inadequacy. Rev. Bijur explores the spiritual side of being wrong, and what our Unitarian Universalist tradition has to teach us here. Listen to Stone at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcpEte4plbw

You And We

Settled ministry (which you had and will have again) is relational ministry. Interim ministry is consultive ministry. That means I need to stand both within and outside the system. Your next settled minister will enter into and become part of your congregation. Interim work is a little different. I’m here to soften the ground, not plant myself among you.

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