Wellness of the Mind: Vocation and Organization

In August we turn toward planning and preparation for the work of the coming church year. What will we need for ourselves in order to do our best work? I’ll draw from the work of Rev. Dr. D. Scott Stoner who outlines a holistic view of wellness encompassing eight dimensions of our beings. First up, the dimensions of intellectual health.

What Keeps Us Alive?

Disappointment, heartbreak, disease: Before it’s over, we or somebody we love will experience them and feel severely tested by the experience. But, if we’re fortunate, we will learn from it and maybe even feel our lives have been enhanced. What separates those of us who are felled by tragic circumstances from those who rise above disaster and find new meaning in their lives as a result?

UU General Assembly

Come hear about the General Assembly experience. Those members and friends of UUCLB who attended the annual gathering of Unitarian Universalists from across the United States, and around the world will recreate for you the joy, challenges, excitement, learning, and religious revival that can only come with being among nearly 3000 UUs gathered in one strong body. Spirit draw near.