A Welcoming Congregation

October 2,2022
10:00 AM

Download: Order-of-Service-October 2-2022 

“Courage for Discouraging Times”

Prelude  “Waving Through a Window“ by Pasek and Paul & “Sing Your Spirit Home” by  Eric Bogle

Welcome  Rev. Lissa

Chalice Lighting  RE Youth 

We light this chalice to celebrate Unitarian Universalism.

When saying “Unitarian,” cup your right hand in a U shape. 

When saying “Universalism,” cup your left hand in a U shape.

This is the church of the open mind. 

(Touch your hands to your head, then open them outward.)

This is the church of the loving heart. 

(Cross your hands flat over your heart.)

Together we care for our earth and work for friendship and peace in our world.

Hymn  #95 “There is More Love Somewhere”

Time for All Ages  Naomi Yoshida 

Children’s Recessional  Hymn #414

As We Leave This Friendly Place

As we leave this friendly place,

love give light to ev’ry face;

may the kindness which we learn

light our hearts till we return

Soul Matters Reflection  Lynelle Wise 

Sharing of Congregational Joys and Sorrows  

Anthem  “The Storm Is Passing Over” by Charles Albert Tindley, Arr: Barbara W. Baker,
offered by UUCLB Choir 

Offering Words  Lynelle Wise 

Offertory #396 “I Know This Rose Will Open” offered by Ronin del Castillo

Sermon  “Courage for Discouraging Times” Rev. Lissa 

Hymn #108 “My Life Flows On In Endless Song”

Unison Benediction  by Rev. Wayne Arnason 

Take courage friends.

The way is often hard, the path is never clear,

and the stakes are very high.

Take courage.

For deep down, there is another truth:

you are not alone.

Postlude “My Way” as sang by Frank Sinatra, offered by Ronin del Castillo & Francisco Ruiz

With Gratitude
Sound & Video: Don Kaufmann, Kevin Salger, Bob Moore, Elmer Taylor  |  Zoom Master: Paul Goodwin  |  Chalice Guild, Phibun Ny, Jane Kaylor, Roxanne Korzeniowski, Lisa Jones


Social Justice Collection October 2022: Long Beach Trauma Recovery Center

The The mission of the Long Beach Trauma Recovery Center is to make quality trauma-focused mental health services available to all who are in need. They work with individuals, families, and children who have been victims of crime or trauma. All services are free of charge. The LBTRC provides counseling and mental health services for these clients and also provides some case management services such as assistance with housing, obtaining Victim’s Compensation funds, and locating support services for medical or other needs.

Our social justice collection takes place on the second Sunday, but you can support LBTRC until the last Sunday of the month, by mail, text, or online. If by mail, note “Social Justice Collection” on your check, and send it to UUCLB, 5450 E. Atherton St., Long Beach, CA 90808. Using Text-to-Give, text the words “22 Special Collection” and the amount to 833-931-1845. To give $20, for example, text “22 Special Collection $20.” To cover any convenience fees for the church, you can add the word “cover” (so “22 Special Collection $20 cover”) or simply text “Cover fees on” to cover fees on all text gifts. For online giving go to uuclb.org/give.


Voter Engagement Letter Writing Campaign Continues through November…

Join the voter engagement team church writing letters and postcards to get out the vote all over the U.S. and mobilize as many voters as possible to exercise their democratic right to vote. If you are offsite and would like to contribute to this effort, please email Kamilah Holmes for more information: kamilahholmes@gmail.com


Try Out Small Group Ministry on Onsite Today and on November 6 after services

If you have been curious about this popular sharing circle and deep listening program, now is your chance to try it out, in person, one Sunday this fall. The three 45-minute intro sessions with Reverend Lissa will explore the concepts of Belonging (Sept.), Courage (Oct.), and Change (Nov.) with facilitators Lynelle Wise and Laura Scully, respectively. You may go to one or all three sessions. If you find the Small Group Ministry experience meaningful, please sign up for our Winter series of sessions starting in January. For more information, contact smallgroupministry@uuclb.org


Music: Would you like to share your Musical Gifts with UUCLB? 

  • Help Bring Music to the most vulnerable in our community! We are creating a task force to bring “healing music” to long time members in assisted living and to those who have difficulty getting to church on Sundays.
    If you’re interested in being part of this effort, please email music.director@uuclb.org
  • UUCLB Fall Concert! SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, December 4, 5:30pm. This will be our first concert in several years and will feature a Choral Masterwork, guest musicians and our whole music team. Please join us!
  • Choir rehearsals are Wednesday evenings at 7:15 pm in Wylder Hall for our choir, and anyone is invited! No audition needed. Please come to a rehearsal or contact our Music Director Francisco Ruiz for more information: music.director@uuclb.


It’s Almost Socktober!! Help the Kids of our Church Make Their Faith In Action SOCKtober…a SOCKcess!

As part of our Religious Education’s Faith In Action program we are collecting NEW socks for youth in need through the month of October. Please drop socks off at the church office on Sundays (or on weekdays when the office is open.)


“UUYAN” Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Network meets Every Third Sunday after Service, 11:30am in the Lounge

Young Adult Network for Ages 18-35. Come join us in the lounge and check the church calendar for upcoming UUYAN events: uuclb.org/calendar



Are you interested in learning more about our Church, learning some UU history, and thinking about becoming a church member? You are invited to attend Our Starting Point Class on the first Sunday of every month. The class is held in the lounge at 11:30 AM. See you there! If you are For more info, go to: uuclb.org/calendar or email Membership@uuclb.org


Pastoral Care

Your Pastoral Care team is here for you in times of joy and sorrow. Email pastoralcare@uuclb.org or call / text Rev. Lissa at 562-355-4244 for support.


Religious Education for Youth

Email Director of Religious Education Naomi Yoshida at dre@uuclb.org for more information.


Sign up for our UUCLB ADVANCE Newsletter and Weekly Announcements by making a request to office@uuclb.org