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January 29, 2023

Dreaming about the Future of UUCLB: Sunday Worship

With Your UUCLB Board of Trustees and Rev. Lissa Gundlach

Download: Order-of-Service-January 29 2023 

PRELUDE “Take Me Home Country Roads” by John Denver, offered by Ronin del Castillo

GATHERING MUSIC “A Place For You” by Melanie DeMore

WELCOME Rev. Lissa Gundlach

OPENING WORDS Edie Mickey-Silveria, President

CHALICE LIGHTING from Serving with Grace: Lay Leadership as a Spiritual Practice by the Rev Erik Walker Wikstrom
We light this chalice . . .
To illuminate our path . . .
As we seek to find a spark . . .
That will reignite our own passion . . .
For the work that we do . . .
And the time that we share . . .
In this special place . . .
With these special people.

HYMN #1020 Woyaya

MEDITATION Rev. Lissa Gundlach


ANTHEM “Beyond Ourselves” by Lee Dengler & Susan Naus Dengler, offered by UUCLB Choir


BOARD REFLECTION What it means to serve : Regina Stephens, Sam Warner


BOARD REFLECTION Current & Future State of UUCLB: Jan Goodwin


BOARD REFLECTION Dreams of the future: Edie Mickey-Silveria

CLOSING HYMN #1014 Answering the Call of Love

BENEDICTION Nasreen Sarah Gagner

POSTLUDE “The Quiet Center” by Thomas Keesecker, offered by Ronin del Castillo


Social Justice Collection for January 2023:
East Yard Communities

East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice (EYCEJ) is a community-based organization that works to facilitate self-advocates in East and Southeast Los Angeles and Long Beach. EYCEJ prepares community members to engage in the decisionmaking processes that directly impact their health and quality of life.

Through grassroots organizing and leadership-building skills, EYCEJ works to enable under-represented communities to be heard and make real change happen. Using a plan of action built on research-based information, workshops, and trainings to empower our communities, we are able to influences policy change, policymakers, and agencies that can institute healthprotective environmental justice policies that are in the best interest of local, regional, and statewide residents.

In 2022 EYCEJ was able to successfully pass AB 1857 to limit incineration in their communities, pass rent control in Bell Gardens, advocate for a stronger Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP), ensure the 710 focuses on zero emissions through a Metro-led zero emissions work group, launch a Water Academy, and create a strong water committee. Through all these projects and campaigns, members took care of each other, believing that emotional and mental well-being are just as important as physical health. For more information, check out their web site: eycej.org.


Today, Sunday, January 29 in Wylder Hall
Adult Faith Development’s “Welcome Aboard Series” Sets Sail!

Please join us uu in Wylder Hall this Sunday after Service for a presentation by Adult Faith Development. Bring any questions you have about how our church functions and how things work. This session is geared toward new and existing members and friends of UUCLB.

Today, Sunday, January 29, 2023, 4:30pm
“Long Beach Community Interfaith Vigil”

California Heights United Methodist Church 3759 Orange Ave., Long Beach, CA 90807 | www.calheightsumc.org
In the wake of tragedy upon tragedy, join us to honor the victims of the Monterey Park, Half Moon Bay, and Oakland Mass Shootings, and remember the latest victims of gun violence.
contact revlissa@uuclb.org for more information

Sunday, February 5, 11:30 – 12:15pm in Wylder Hall
Interim Governance Structure Info Session with Board of Trustees

UUCLB’s Governing Board changed from 7 trustees to 5 from last year. How are the various governance areas of the church now represented on the board? We now have a “Governance Task Force”. What are they tasked with? Members of the board will also be available for a general Q&A about what it means to be a trustee as part of this session.

Sundays, February 5, after Services in Room 5
March 5 and April 2 after Services in Wylder Hall

Small Group Ministry Onsite: Belonging…Courage…Change

Try Out Small Group Ministry on an Upcoming Sunday! If you have been curious about this popular sharing circle and deep listening program, now is your chance to try it out, in person, one Sunday this fall. We are offering three 45-minute intro sessions after Service on February 5, March 5, and April 2. On those Sundays, Reverend Lissa will reveal 2 questions on a topic (during Service) which will be the focus of the sharing circle following Service. Join us on February 5 at 11:30 am in Room 5. Explore the concepts of Love (Feb.), Vulnerability (Mar.), and Resistence (Apr.) with facilitators Laura Scully, Kevin Ford & Kate Taylor, and Chris Kempf & Gail Sakuda-Kempf, respectively. You may go to one or all three sessions. If you find the Small Group Ministry experience meaningful, you are encouraged to sign up for our Winter/Spring series of sessions starting in February. You can join an ongoing small group, meeting once/twice monthly, to discuss themes mentioned above (as well as the themes of Creativity and Finding Our Center). For more information, contact smallgroupministry@uuclb.org . Childcare is available upon request at least 24 hours in advance.


Religious Education for Youth

Stop by the Religious Education table to pick up a form or register online at https://www.uuclb.org/learn/children/ Or email Director of Religious Education Naomi Yoshida at DRE@uuclb.org for more information.


Do you like to sing or have a musical talent that you’d like to share? Well then…let’s make MUSIC together! Our repertoire includes classical and contemporary styles. Choir singers of all abilities are welcome. For more information, please contact Francisco Ruiz, Director of Music Ministries at DOM@uuclb.org


“UUYAN” Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Network
Every Third Sunday after Service at 11:30am in the Lounge

Young Adult Network for Ages 18-35. Come join us in the lounge and check the church calendar for upcoming UUYAN events: uuclb.org/calendar



Ready to explore deeper connections and learn about membership at UUCLB? You are invited to attend our Starting Point Class.  For more info, go to: uuclb.org/calendar or email Membership@uuclb.org. Please note: There will be no Starting Point class in December 2022. The January meeting will be held January 8, 2023


Religious Education for Youth

Email Director of Religious Education Naomi Yoshida at dre@uuclb.org for more information.


Sign up for our UUCLB ADVANCE Newsletter and Weekly Announcements by making a request to office@uuclb.org


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