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“Our Daily Becoming”

Centering Small Group Ministry

8th Principle video 

Prelude  “Rise” by Eddie Vedder, offered by Wylder Spirits 

Welcome and Introduction to Small Group Ministry Lynelle Wise 

Call to Worship and Chalice Lighting: Kevin Ford  

Hymn “Busca el Amor” by Salvador Cardenal Barquero, Arr. Jason Shelton. Offered by Francisco Ruiz & Natasha Steinmacher

Small Group Ministry Testimonial  Norma Chinchilla and Eduarda Díaz  Schwarzbach

Musical Mediation  #1023 Building Bridges, Arr. Francisco Ruiz 

Prayer and Sharing of Joys and Sorrows  

Offering Words  

Offertory Anthem “Looking For Paradise” by Alejandro Sanz & Alicia Keys, offered by Guest Musicians Zak Dylan, Mayu Rodriguez & Francisco Ruiz

Reflection: Rev. Lissa Live 


Postlude “Here Together Gathering” Words and Music David Glasgow, vocals Sarah Jebian and Justin Furnia

Closing Slides