Click the image above to download a pdf of this week’s Order of Service.

Prelude: “Here Comes the Sun” Ronin del Castillo


Call to Worship

Chalice Lighting, PreK/Kinder Spirit Play class – Sheila Hernandez & Amara Phelps

RE Sunday Intro, Naomi Yoshida

Music, “Do You Want to Have a Zoom Call” adapted – Kai Yoshida & Evan Pagan

PreK/Kinder Presentation, “The Flaming Chalice” – Sheila Hernandez

1st-4th grade Presentation, “UU Bible Superheroes” – Steve Fuller & Amara Phelps

Hymn, STJ #1023 Building Bridges 

5th-12th grade Presentation, “Illumination Academy” – Steve Sodders, Leslie Koons & Kai Yoshida with “Does Anybody Have a Map?” by Pasek & Paul, Kai Yoshida, vocals

Special Collection, The Center


Bridging Ceremony 

Music, UUCLB Choir – “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Paul Simon  

Introduction of Bridgers – Naomi

Miles Silveria video/photos – Leslie

Kayleen Lindberg video/photos – Leslie

Abby Fisher video/photos – Leslie

Bridging Ceremony, Rev Lissa & Naomi

Presentation of rose & gifts – Naomi

RE Highlights, Kai feature – Leslie Koons

Acknowledgements, Naomi Yoshida

Extinguishing the Chalice, Sheila Hernandez and PreK/Kinder class

Music, “This Little Light of Mine” with RE Youth – Francisco Ruiz

Postlude, “Colors of the Wind,” offered by Ronin del Castillo