In This Together: Membership Sunday
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Opening Slides

Prelude “Morning Has Broken” offered by Ronin del Castillo

Welcome Sandy Kroll

Call to Worship and Chalice Lighting: words by the late Rev. Hope Johnson

Opening Hymn:  “Come Sing a Song with Me”

New Member Profiles: Alli Baker and Laurie Martinez

New Members Ceremony Text by Rev. Manish Mishra- Marzetti, “Welcoming the New Member”, with Jane Kaylor, Membership Committee, and Jan Goodwin, President

Unison Mission Statement:

We, the congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach, affirm our mission:

  • To create a welcoming and diverse community rooted in love, trust and freedom
  • To lead by creating a multi-cultural, anti-racist, anti-oppressive congregation and denomination
  • To take these ideals to the wider community in action and in service
  • To share our values with the next generation and empower them to create a better world
  • To inspire and encourage each other in our spiritual journeys.

Prayer  Rev. Lissa

Call for Joys and Sorrows  

Musical Meditation: “What is Possible” offered by Francisco Ruiz

Reading of Joys and Sorrows  Rev. Lissa

Offering Words Sandy Kroll

Offertory Coro Fuego de Alianza featuring Francisco Ruiz – “Surge Valentía,” Courage Arises

Sermon “In this Together”

Closing Hymn: “Building a New Way”

Closing Words by Deborah Falk, offered byRev. Lissa

Postlude: “Profetiza, Pueblo Mio,” offered by Francisco Ruiz and Melissa Sky-Eagle

Closing Slides