Campus is reopening!

No need to miss the music if you prefer to attend our services virtually! Wylder Spirits and our UUCLB Choir performed safely from their homes during COVID-19. Enjoy on YouTube!

Music is an integral part of the programming for UUCLB.

Services feature performances by church members, staff, and guests, and opportunities for the whole congregation to lift their voices in song. The music program is overseen by the Director of Music, with the Assistant Director and the Music Committee.

The Wylder Spirits, a small group of vocalists and musicians, provide contemporary music for services.

The UUCLB Choir, a group of approximately 30 singers, provide a music in a variety of styles for services (see further details, below). Both groups also may participate in special and holiday events.

Church celebrations may include music and dance to appreciate or participate in, such as the rollicking performances at the St. Patrick’s Day celebration (at the culmination of our annual pledge drive), and the community dances outdoors around the Maypole at Beltane.

UUCLB also presents an annual Concert Series, with performers from our region in a variety of genres.

If you would like to add to the music at UUCLB, contact the Director of Music.

The choir holds candles while singing at a Christmas Eve service.

The UUCLB Choir

The UUCLB Choir is composed of amateur music-lovers who get together to sing a variety of music. Classical selections, pop songs, jazz tunes, folk, and world music and spirituals are all in our repertoire. No audition or musical experience is required, just a love of singing and energetic participation.

We sing at the later service practically every Sunday, and provide special music for special occasions and holidays. The choir sings in Sunday worship from after Labor Day through Father’s Day.

Choir practice is at 7:30 pm on Wednesday evenings in Wylder Hall, and we meet at 9:30 on Sunday mornings to warm up.

For more information about the UUCLB Choir, contact the Director of Music or come to a Wednesday rehearsal.