Due to COVID-19, our art gallery in Wylder Hall is unavailable, but our Music Director has been developing our virtual choir abilities to ensure that music is still incorporated into our virtual worship services.

Music, visual arts, and other arts serve to enhance our world and our worship, and to express our thoughts and feelings in ways beyond everyday communication.

Our worship services include musical performances and congregational singing. Church celebrations may include music and dance to appreciate or participate in, such as the performances at the St. Patrick’s Day celebration (at the culmination of our annual pledge drive), and the community dances outdoors around the Maypole at Beltane. Church members and invited guests provide their musical talents.

Wylder Hall, our worship and community space, houses a continuing and changing exhibition of art from members of our church and our local community.

Earl Birch Smith “Art in the Church” Award

The Earl Birch Smith “Art in the Church” award is given annually to someone who has made a significant artistic contribution to the life of the congregation.  The contribution can be as an artist – visually or musically, teacher, or contributor to the UUCLB various Music and Arts programs.