There are several ways to donate, the first one is the easiest and most convenient.

  • To make it easy you can submit your donation form(s) right now, or at any time before Wednesday February 2nd. By going to:

 fill out the form and hit the submit button.

  • Or Email Mimi Gephart-Seeley at with your item information, and your Donation will be submitted for you. Mimi will also be able to answer any questions you might have.

Suggested examples of things to donate are:


  • Music Lessons (Zoom or in person, your choice)

  • Dinner Parties (Zoom or in person, your choice)

  • Wine Tastings & Beer Tastings (Zoom or in person, your choice)

  • Workshops (Zoom or in person, your choice)

  • Shopping services

  • Homemade Dinners, Baked Goods, Fudge etc. Delivered

  • Themed patio dinner parties, brunches, socials (zoom or socially distanced)

  • Weekend get-a-ways

  • Backyard games

  • Garden parties

  • Game night, any adventure or service you can dream up!


We are also taking new or gently used large items:

  • Sewing Machines, Telescopes, Bicycles, Printers, Camping gear, Electronics, Appliances, Musical Instruments, Scooters, etc.