Gift Basket Drawing is back!

New this year for Gift Basket Drawing, everyone will once again be able to acquire individual tickets, as many as you wish, to place with whichever Gift Basket(s) you choose! However, for the first time, they will be Virtual. That’s right, ALL tickets will be virtual this year.



So here’s how it works:

The most important thing to remember is that the Gift Basket Drawing is not located in the main Auction Catalog.

  • First go to the auction event website
  • Go to the top of the screen and Click on Basket Drawing this will take you to the Gift Basket Drawing. 
  • There you will find pictures and info for each Gift Basket offered.
  • Tickets are sold Per Individual Gift Basket.
  • After perusing all the Gift Baskets offered you will notice that you may purchase tickets for each basket individually.
  • At each Gift Basket, you can choose to purchase 1 ticket for $2 or a group of 6 tickets for $10.
  • You may purchase as many $2 single tickets or $10 packs you wish for any desired Gift Basket.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you are finished shopping the baskets you must go to check out and pay for all your tickets. Paying for them is how they are entered into the drawing. You can pay for just the gift basket tickets at this time and return later to settle the rest of your account. AND you may go back and purchase more tickets at any time throughout the week!


For further assistance, or answer to any questions, please contact Treacy Gephart-Seeley at – with “Basket Help” in the subject line. She will be happy to answer any questions, or assist you through the process.