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Last Chance, After Auction SALE!

Sunday March 6th, after service,
on campus

Check out all the unsold items at rock bottom prices! 
Last chance to get in on any sign-ups/poster items
or open seats at live events!


Another Successful Service Auction!

It took a lot of Zoom stamina to produce yet another on-line Service Auction, but we did it again! We not only reached our target goal of raising $20,000+ but we had fun doing it. Forever proving that UUCLB knows how to embrace our UU spirit, work hard, be flexible and SHOW UP!

Here are the brilliant UUCLB human beings who worked hard to bring you a very virtual, fun filled, financially successful, 2022 experience.  We Appreciate all of you!!


Auction Committee

  • Mimi Gephart-Seeley (Chair, Virtual Administrator, Organizer, Event Producer)
  • Treacy Gephart-Seeley (Assistant Chair, Virtual Administrator, Data Team Lead, Live Night Counter, and So Much More.)
  • Joanne Pon Rubin (Assistant Chair, Mini Boutique Manager, Organizer, and So Much More.)
  • Marlene Brown (Auctioneer Team Lead, Live Auction Consultant and Event Mentor)
  • Maureen McHale (Art/Graphics, Photographer, Catalog coordinator, Cashier, Treasurer)
  • Roxanne Korzenkowski (Basket Team Lead Extraordinaire! )
  • Pauline McMahon (Basket Team wizard & invaluable committee member)
  • Norma Edwards (mini boutique, silent auction pick-up coordinator)


Auction Mini-Boutique Team

  • Joanne Pon Rubin (Team Lead)
  • Marti Evans
  • Norma Edwards
  • Jane Kaylor


Live Night Auction Team

  • Jan Goodwin (MC, Counter)
  • Chrisanne Blankenship- Billings (Auctioneer)
  • Elaine Bernal-Tucker (Auctioneer)
  • Robert Fisher-Rowe (Auctioneer)
  • Treacy Gephart-Seeley (Counter, Data)
  • Janice Jones (Remote Data Team)


Live Night Tech Team

  • Paul Goodwin (Zoom Master)
  • Donald Kaufman (Sound)
  • Danylo Lopatonok (Lights, Cameras, Video Streaming Technician)
  • Elmer Taylor (Monitor, Tech and Internet Solutions, All-Tech Consultant and Mentor)
  • Mimi Gephart-Seeley


The “FAB FOUR” Basket Wizards

  • Roxanne Korzenkowski (Team Lead)
  • Maria Hanson
  • Pauline McMahon
  • Gail Kempf


Decorations (lights)

  • Treacy Seeley
  • Maureen McHale
  • Mimi Gephart-Seeley


Sunday AM Set-up (for drive-through)

  • Steve Fuller
  • Roy Hanson
  • Miguel Pagan
  • Gail Kempf
  • Treacy Gephart-Seeley
  • Elmer Taylor
  • Mimi Gephart-Seeley


Sunday Drive Thru

  • Maureen McHale (Cashier)
  • Treacy Gephart-Seeley (Cashier)
  • Mimi Gephart-Seeley (Coordinator)


Pick -Up Tables:

  • Joanne Pon Rubin
  • Norma Edwards
  • Jane Kaylor
  • Steve Fuller
  • Joanell Connolly
  • Chrisanne Blankenship- Billings
  • Roxanne Korzenkowski
  • Pauline McMahon
  • Gail Kemp
  • Maria Hanson
  • Elmer Taylor


Won Items Delivery Team

  • Joanne Pon Rubin
  • Marti Evans
  • Laura Scully
  • Norma Edwards
  • Pauline McMahon 

A Special Thank You To,

Treacy Gephart-Seeley and Joanne Pon Rubin who are the best Assistant Chairs a human could ask for! To the Auction Committee for continuing to believe in the virtual “We”, even when we are Zoom burnt and craving to be in-person again! And Rev. Lissa for all the support she gave us in making this event happen. I am truly Grateful to work with such an amazing group of genuine humans. I appreciate everyone one of you deeply.


In Service,
Mimi Gephart-Seeley,
UUCLB Annual Service Auction Chairperson


We are grateful for everybody who participated this year!