UUCLB Special Collection September 2020 The Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition (LBIRC)

The Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition (LBIRC) was formed in 2006 by two members of our church after millions of immigrants joined together in protests for comprehensive immigration reform in cities around the country, including Los Angeles.

The Coalition began with a dual focus on service and advocacy and now includes individuals and organizations who believe not only in creating or helping to create services that allow local immigrants to thrive but in creating spaces where immigrant voices are leading local and statewide policy work to better the lives of all immigrants in our state.

Today we are amid a global pandemic. COVID-19 has destroyed the livelihoods of many in our community.But whereas those with status can rely on unemployment benefits, Medicare, and any federally funded COVID-19 relief programs to get them through this crisis, our undocumented community members can only get help from us. Nearly 31,000 undocumented immigrants live in Long Beach. Many of our undocumented community members work in temporary or low-wage jobs, without access to sick leave, unemployment, or the ability to work remotely. These families now wonder how to put food on the table; how to care for sick loved ones; and how they will pay rent or for other basic necessities. Because of this, the Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition established the LONG BEACH COVID-19 Undocumented Community Relief Fund (UndocuFundLBC) and we have been the only organization in Long Beach to provide over $500,000 in direct financial aid to hundreds of undocumented families! We are so grateful to every single person that has donated to this campaign!

COVID-19 has not stopped detentions and deportations in our city. In the last couple of weeks, we have been tracking an uptick in I.C.E activity throughout California. However, one of our most recent victories was the release of long time Long Beach resident Nicolas from the Adelanto Detention Center. Nicolas was detained in March and thanks to our deportation defense team and the Long Beach Justice Fund, Nicolas was able to return to his family. Like Nicolas, there are countless of people being picked up by I.C.E. in our city. We need your support to continue our deportation defense work and keep families together.

We are so grateful for your support during the years. We hope that you can continue to support our work and the immigrant families we work with through the Special Collection.

Also, please consider joining us at our first ever virtual annual gala this year on October 17, 2020. For more information on our gala, please visit lbirc.org/gala.

For more information, follow @LBIRC562 on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or contact Maribel Cruz, mcruz@lbirc.org.

The special collection is taken on the second Sunday of each month, but you can support the monthly special collection by donating until the last Sunday of the month and marking your check with “Special Collection”. Mail your check to UUCLB, 5450 E. Atherton Street, Long Beach, CA 90808. To donate via text, download the Tithe.ly app to your phone and type in “Special Collection” (example: 20 Special Collection). Or, if using the Tithe.ly app, select “Special Collection“ from the list. For online giving go to https://tithe.ly