UUCLB Special Collection February 2019

The mission of the Long Beach Trauma Recovery Center is to make quality trauma-focused mental health services available to all who are in need. They work with individuals, families, and children who have been victims of crime or trauma. All services are free of charge. Many of the center’s clients are unable to work due to the impact of crime or trauma on their lives. The LBTRC provides counseling and mental health services for these clients and also provides some case management services such as assistance with housing, obtaining Victim’s Compensation funds, and locating support services for medical or other needs. Located adjacent to St. Mary Medical Center in a neighborhood of people with a low socio-economic status who live with a very high crime rate, the Center is a welcome bridge to healing, providing all services free of charge.
Our special collection takes place on the second Sunday of February, but you may donate to the Long Beach Trauma Recovery Center at any time in February by marking your donation envelope or check with “Special Collection.”