UUCLB July Special Collection Long Beach Community Table

Long Beach Community Table
Growing Sustainable Community With Compassion and Dignity

Long Beach Community Table (LBCT) is a member-owned nonprofit cooperative. Each participant pitches in to support their neighbors in need, even if they need help themselves. With compassion and dignity, LBCT empowers the health, well-being, and self-sufficiency of food/housing-insecure people in the greater Long Beach area—collectively sharing fresh produce, nutritious food, basic necessities, educational programs, and other community resources.

Long Beach Community Table’s primary programs are to source and distribute organic produce, nutritious food, and basic essentials; build and cultivate urban vegetable gardens around the city; and provide education and resources to enable self-sufficiency. In order to achieve their mission, they collaborate with numerous local organizations, farmers’ markets, urban gardens, and businesses that contribute generous food, hygiene, financial, and other in-kind donations. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we have expanded our resources to meet the significantly increased needs of struggling area residents.

To find out how to volunteer, see what workshops are coming up, or find any other information, check out their Web site at https://www.longbeachcommunitytable.com/.

The special collection is taken on the second Sunday of each month, but you can support the designated organization until the last Sunday of the month, by mail, text, or online.

If donating by mail, note “Special Collection” on your check, and send it to UUCLB, 5450 E. Atherton St., Long Beach, CA 90808. Using Text-to-Give, text the words “21 Special Collection” and the amount to 833-931-1845. To give $20, for example, text “21 Special Collection $20.” To cover any convenience fees for the church, you can add the word “cover” (so “21 Special Collection $20 cover”) or simply text “Cover fees on” to cover fees on all text gifts. For online giving go to uuclb.org/give.