UUCLB April Special Collection: Ground Education

Ground Education’s mission is to partner with local schools to provide year-round garden and environmental awareness experiences for every student during the school day.

Their vision is a green, thriving learning garden with a robust curriculum taught by a dedicated educator at every elementary and K-8 school in Long Beach. Currently, they are in 11 local schools and the Boys & Girls Club of Long Beach. Make sure to check out their YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAfM2fip2QJvZyP4w3hdyCQ/videos

The special collection is taken on the second Sunday of each month, but you can support the monthly special collection by donating until the last Sunday of the month and marking your check with “Special Collection”. Mail your check to UUCLB, 5450 E. Atherton Street, Long Beach, CA 90808

You can also give to the Special Collection anytime in the month using Text-to-Give: Text message the words: “21 Special Collection” to 833-931-1845. To give $20.00, for example, text “Special Collection” after your gift amount, like this: 21 Special Collection

Gifts sent with no designation just go to the regular Offering. Pro Tip: to cover any convenience fees for the church, you can say: 21 Special Collection cover, or simply text: “Cover fees on” to cover fees on ALL text gifts.) For online giving go to: uuclb.org/give