September 2018 Special Collection

The Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition (LBIRC) was formed in 2006 by two members of our church after millions of immigrants joined together in protests for comprehensive immigration reform in cities around the country, including Los Angeles. There was a large need for services directed to immigrants in Long Beach.
The Coalition began as a service organization, filling in the gaps for services that didn’t exist in the Long Beach area and now includes individuals and organizations who work with and on behalf of local immigrant communities to improve education, advocacy and empowerment in immigrant communities and make the City of Long Beach a more welcoming place where a diversity of talents, voices and energies are welcome. Today LBIRC works on the local, state and national level to bring about more just immigration policies. LBIRC runs various programs, such as English-as-a-second-language classes, “Know your rights” workshops, legal clinics, “deferred action” (DACA) clinics, and a youth and adult leadership programs. The Coalition began small with all volunteers but now has an office and paid staff, dynamic young adult immigrant leadership, and is recognized and respected as an important force for inclusion and social justice in
Long Beach.
For more information, see Our special collection now takes place on the second Sunday of September, but you may donate to the Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition at any time in September by marking your envelope or check with “Special Collection.”