June 2018 Special Collection

The Special Collection during June 2018 (all collections from the June 3 service, and any others marked “Special Collection” during the month) will be directed to Homeland Neighborhood Cultural Center.

The mission of Homeland Cultural Center is to provide a safe place for the cultivation, preservation, and promotion of art forms, both traditional and contemporary, representing the diverse array of cultures that make up Long Beach today.

Homeland offers classes and drop-in programs in West African drumming and dance; Hmong, Cambodian, and Micronesian traditional arts; and ballet folklorico; as well as break dancing; KRUMP; hip-hop; belly dancing; and media arts. Homeland offers instrumental classes and an improvisational music jam and regularly hosts open mic nights. Youth sports and after-school programs are important components of Homeland’s commitment to the community.

Homeland is a facility of the City of Long Beach’s Department of Parks, Recreation & Marine under the auspices of the Community Recreation Services Bureau.

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