Rev. Rick Hoyt-McDaniels

The Good We Inherit

The Christian holiday of Epiphany (today) is the day Jesus became, or revealed (depending on your theology) who he really is. It’s a good opportunity to begin an exploration of identity. Who am I? Who are we? One important answer is that we are what our genes and culture formed us to be.

Do Not Be Afraid

In the Christmas story, angels tell Joseph and later the Shepherds, “Do not be afraid.” Something wonderful but challenging is happening, the old order is disturbed. If we wish to change our lives or change the world around us we must accept risk, suffer uncertainty, and go to the place where “hopes and fears are met.”

Gathered ’Round the Manger

Our Family service for Christmas Eve creates a living creche as the stable slowly fills with Jesus, Mary and Joseph, then Shepherds, Magi and animals. The crowded scene reminds us that symbolically all the world is gathered beneath that humble roof and invited to hold the baby.

Jesus as Leader

Unitarian Christians regarded Jesus not as a supernatural savior, but as a role model of how an enlightened human person should take care of themselves and the world we share. As we end our study of leadership and prepare to celebrate Christmas we can ask, “How Would Jesus Lead?”

If We Agree in Love

Hanukkah, which begins this evening, is a story of conflict between two communities. Conflict within communities requires a different approach to resolution. We must learn not to use the tactics appropriate for one kind of conflict within the circumstances of the other. But the larger spiritual truth is that there only ever is one community and one path to peace.

True to Principle

Like an organization guided by a strong mission statement, a leader stays grounded in a set of core principles. Leadership is the ability to help a community stay true to the knowledge of who we are and where we’re going even as circumstances differ day by day.

In Times of Change

One definition of power is, simply, “the ability to make change.” When old situations are changing, we need leaders to shepherd us through the change. When old situations need to change, we need visionary leaders able to get change started.

Who’s in Charge?

With mid-term elections on Tuesday we’re reminded of our conflicted relationship to power and authority. We are attracted to power. We admire leaders but are dismayed when leaders abuse their power. The personal & social challenges of leadership make some people who would be excellent leaders reluctant to serve.