Speaker: Rev. Rick Hoyt-McDaniels

A Good Bye

My final worship with you, at least for a few years. I’ll end by talking a little about where I’m going and a lot about my hopes and prayers for where you may go without me

I Hear Music in the Air

Those who can hear, hear sounds throughout the day, some we call music, others we call noise. We welcome some sounds (laughter, birdsong), and deliberately call up some sounds (turn on the radio, go to a concert); other sounds come to us unbidden and unwelcome. … read more.

Freedom and Connection

For me, the many spiritual goals can be reduced to two. All that we strive for are contained in these paired concepts: a freedom to be and express all that we are uniquely created to be as individuals; and to acknowledge the truth that every individual existence is also an existence bound into networks of relationships which sustain our lives and constrain our living.

With All Her People One

The explicit goal of Unitarian Universalism is “world community,” the sixth of our seven principles. Are we making progress? How will we get there? Is this really our goal?

The Earth Made Fair

Many Unitarian Universalists are inspired by our faith to work toward a social goal of healing the environment. The calls to action of Earth Day have been with us for 50 years, made now all the more urgent as we face the effects of climate change.

Being Human

So much is changing, so rapidly. In the last few weeks, the coronavirus has altered every aspect of our lives, personally and socially: the way we live, work, worship, our health system, our economy and more. What we must protect and cling to is who we are: our human essence, our humanity.

Church Time

Churches measure time differently: not in years, or fads, or decades, or generations. We’re here for the long haul, longer even than human lifetimes. When the church says, “We will get through this” that’s a promise.