Rev. Rick Hoyt-McDaniels

50th Anniversary of Stonewall

Our church’s enthusiastic support of Long Beach Pride each year, is an expression of our value of helping every person live fully from their true self. Well that, and it’s a lot of fun – which is also a UU value.


Our UU value of world community puts us in partnership with people feeling violence, poverty, and persecution in their home countries. The accident of a person’s place of birth should not define the scope of their lives.


Our lifting up of community partners begins today with a look at organizations furthering our UU values of caring for children and families. We mark the traditional beginning of summer with a family-friendly celebration.

A Flower Blooming at Your Door

For the Sunday Worship at the close of District Assembly (DA), UUCLB presents two worship services at 9am and 11am. The two services are separate and self-contained, but also fit together to form one long worship service with an “Intermission” in the middle. Both services are inspired by the DA theme “From the Ground Up.” Both services will include a little of everything, but the 9am service emphasizes “the Word” with poetry and preaching from our Interim Minister, Rev. Hoyt-McDaniels, while the 11am service emphasizes “Music” with congregational singing and music from combined choirs from Unitarian Universalist churches throughout the area under the direction of UUCLB Director of Music, Francisco Ruiz and DA Keynote, Donald Milton III.

With Love and Hope

Spiritual health lives in the tension between embracing what is and imagining something better. Between reality and vision. Between the constraints of material existence and the freedom of the spirit. Between mortal lives and ever-new creation.

Three Little Words

If we were to write a mission statement for this church… Well, we have one, and it’s long, not particularly memorable, and therefore not particularly useful in guiding the work of the church. What if, instead of a statement, we could set out just three words, landmarks, or guideposts, that truly define the landscape of who we are and what we want to make manifest in the world?

After We’re Gone

Stewardship is the principle of managing resources so that they most effectively fulfill the purpose for which they were given, both now, and for the future. Conservation might be one part of good stewardship. Careful use could be another.

At Our Best

The season of Lent (which begins Wednesday and continues through Easter) encourages Christians to acknowledge their mortality. It’s often considered depressing, which is why it’s proceeded with the blowout party of Mardi Gras. But acknowledging our limitations also means naming our gifts. Let’s do that.

Use of the Democratic Process

For President’s day we look at another core principle that defines who we are as Unitarian Universalists: the principle that every human being is a source of wisdom and goodness, and that government at any scale should be built up from individual power.