Speaker: Rev. Rayna Hamre

Roots, Wings & in Between: A UU Pagan Adventure

Unitarian Universalists actively honor the earth and the interconnected web of life with our UU Seventh Principle and Sixth Source. While some UUs might believe that there is a conflict between science and Pagan beliefs, that conflict is generally not found within the Pagan community. Rev. Rayna will speak to the joys, liveliness, and challenges of living as a contemporary UU Pagan shamanic-practitioner, and the world’s unavoidable call to earth activism.

And All Shall Be Well

After a series of intense visions Julian of Norwich penned the words “but all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.” Learn about how Julian of Norwich, surviving the plague, famine and war brings a message hope in our time.

Saving Grace

Reclaiming sacred words can provide a powerful reflection point for Unitarian Universalists. Join us for an exploration of the word ‘grace’ for this Sunday service.

Creative Covenants

Unitarian Universalists are a covenantal faith tradition; we do not have a statement of belief that members and friends are required to follow. UUCLB’s written and spoken covenants are one of the ways we weave our values into our lives as UUs. We will take a fresh look at some ideas and history around covenants, and reflect on how they guide us today on our UU journey as individuals and as a community.

Journey to the Heart, The Ultimate Stay-cation

Many of our meaningful life journeys are those events we experience in our own home or nearby at familiar locations, with our family, our co-workers or our friends. The joyful parts of our lives that have held importance and have spoken deeply to us are waiting to renew and refresh the inward explorer. Join us for new perspectives on the every-day, and a celebration of meaningful stay-cations, those close-to-home adventures that touch the heart.

Rocks, Resilience, and Turbulent Times

This morning’s worship is both the regular weekly services for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach and the closing event of the UUA Pacific Southwest District Assembly.  Our two worship services, 9am and 11am, are separate and self-contained, but also fit together to form one long worship service with a pause in the middle.  Both services are inspired by the DA theme “From the Ground Up.”  Both services will include a little of everything, but the 9am service emphasizes “the Word” with preaching from our Interim Minister, Rev. Hoyt-McDaniels, and several special guests, while the 11am service emphasizes “Music” with congregational singing and music from combined choirs from Unitarian Universalist churches throughout the area under the direction of UUCLB Director of Music, Francisco Ruiz and DA Keynote, Donald Milton III.  Come to one service, or the other, or both!  Children’s RE Programs will be offered during both services.

“Rocks, Resilience, and Turbulent Times” – Rev. Rayna Hamre