Youth Led Service: “Deconstructing A New World”

ONSITE and on Zoom, and Facebook LIVE.  Our youth are the future. They are trying to save the planet, and trying to save themselves. When you’re struggling, you’re seeing life from the outside. Our middle and high school youth reflect on seeing the world differently through the lens of mental health issues. They were assisted by RE Facilitators Leslie Koons and Elmer Taylor. Rev. Lissa, Naomi, and Francisco are lending worship support.

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Indoor Sunday Services in Wylder Hall

We are grateful that the numbers of new Covid cases and related hospitalizations have fallen drastically, and we welcome your return to Onsite Services in Wylder Hall. Our choir and Wylder Spirits musical rehearsals and performances are beginning as well. If you prefer to attend from the comfort of your home, please join us via Zoom or Facebook LIVE. Indoor masking requirements will remain in effect for all indoor campus activities. Outdoor masking is no longer required but encouraged. Coffee hour and food and drink service at church events will now resume outdoors. Following our guidelines of Inclusion, Consent, Care, and Covenant, please take the indoor and outdoor precautions that are best for you and your families. Outdoor seating will still be available for Sunday services. Please email here with any comments or questions.