A Sunday Kind of Love

Where can we find a love that, as the iconic singer and songwriter, Etta James sang, will last past Saturday night and is more than love at first sight? Well, my friends, we are so fortunate here, come and find out this Sunday morning. In this service we will contemplate questions like: Why church? Why do we come here Sunday after Sunday? What pulls us together as a community?

Rev. Sanchez has been a religious professional for 24 years. She received her Masters of Divinity from Meadville/Lombard Theological School in Chicago and has served as a Minister in three Unitarian Universalist congregations. She has preached in more than three-dozen congregations, and is currently preaching and officiating at rites of passage all over Southern California.

UUCLB member Mary Ruth Velicki served as worship associate and shared these “chakra colors” as a way to reflect on your relationship with our church:

Colors of Connection

RedSecurity. A place where we feel safe and where we can feel like we belong.
OrangeCreativity. An opportunity to express ourselves creatively, and to appreciate the creations of other people.
YellowAction. We come together to help other people. When we work together, we learn more about other people and more about ourselves.
GreenCompassion and Connection. Church can be a place where we give and receive love.
BlueSpeaking Our Truth. In our community, we can express who we are and give others the chance to do the same.
PurpleWisdom. We come here to get ideas on how to open up so we can give and receive more love in our lives.
White – All these colors combine into the color white, just like all these actions combine together into Love.