Burning Bright

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Book banning and burning have long been a part of human history. Author Ray Bradbury wrote the iconic book Fahrenheit 451 on this very topic, published on October 19, 1953. Southern California and the rest of the US are now experiencing book and information suppression through legislation, unbelievably echoing the themes of his story. Understanding the forces driving the current fear mongering around books, libraries, and library staff can help Unitarian Universalists move forward with wise and courageous social justice actions.

Rev. Rayna Hamre is a long-time Unitarian Universalist who grew up in the Orange County area. Rev. Rayna holds a Master of Divinity degree and a MA in History. She also served as a UU lay leader and as a Director of Religious Education prior to her ordination. Her current social justice activities include sponsoring refugees and teaching English as a Nova Ukraine volunteer, and serving as a Member of the Greater Huntington Beach Interfaith Council. A UU mystic who teaches the Pagan path, she currently facilitates a UU Pagan book group, Heart’s Grove. She also leads ancestor healing work, meditation classes, dream exploration, and provides ritual training as founder and lead teacher of Three Worlds One Heart Mystery School. threeworldsoneheart.org


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