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Hinduism and UU Principled

Join us on-line with your mobile device or your computer using this link: worship on-line  Dr. Rini Ghosh connects her beloved Hinduism to our beloved UU values. Dr. Ghosh is President, Vedanta Society of Southern California. Vedanta is one of six schools of Hinduism.

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Join us on-line with your mobile device or your computer using this link: worship on-line  Mr. Jim Barrett, a member of the Baha’i faith, will explain his beliefs and compare it to Unitarian Universalism. We have much in common. According to Baha u Allah, … read more.

Oh Humankind!

Our diversity is part of Divine Wisdom, and diversity is more than skin and faith tradition.   A passage from the Quran tells us that the Divine “made [us] peoples and tribes that [we] may know one another”.  What does it mean to “know” one another?  And can we truly embody our First Principle without first trying to “know” those who are different from ourselves?  How can we better aspire to living the truth of every person’s inherent worth and dignity?  How can we effectively enact justice, equity, and compassion in human relations without knowing our neighbors?

A Good Bye

My final worship with you, at least for a few years. I’ll end by talking a little about where I’m going and a lot about my hopes and prayers for where you may go without me

I Hear Music in the Air

Those who can hear, hear sounds throughout the day, some we call music, others we call noise. We welcome some sounds (laughter, birdsong), and deliberately call up some sounds (turn on the radio, go to a concert); other sounds come to us unbidden and unwelcome. … read more.

Freedom and Connection

For me, the many spiritual goals can be reduced to two. All that we strive for are contained in these paired concepts: a freedom to be and express all that we are uniquely created to be as individuals; and to acknowledge the truth that every individual existence is also an existence bound into networks of relationships which sustain our lives and constrain our living.