What Makes America a Good Country?

Frankly, I’m tired of all the rhetoric about America being great again and would settle for us being a pretty good people and good enough nation, as we roll toward the crucial presidential election.

Embracing Ignorance

How do we respond to the challenge of becoming a more diverse and inclusive church when problems surrounding race sensitivity can be so divisive? I will share from my experience as a high school teacher at Bell High what can be learned when facing a new cultural interaction.

It is Good

At the end of each day of creation, according to Genesis, God looked at what God had made and pronounced it good. It’s healthy to take pride in good work. And even if we haven’t done all, or the best, that we could, it’s still important to make an end, and a rest, before we start again.

Making Connections through Music

Making music, listening to music, dancing to music, music brings people together like nothing else. In worship, music connects us in community and connects our spirits to the divine. For this year’s Music Sunday we celebrate the
connective quality of music.

Decisions and Resilience in a World of Complexity

How do we make decisions in a world of chaos? Small changes in decisions lead to large changes in outcomes; a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, and a tornado results in Texas. We draw on science and traditional sources to describe the scale of the challenge, then use those same sources to inform us on when our decisions are likely to matter, how we can make wise ones, and when we must simply weather the storm.

50th Anniversary of Stonewall

Our church’s enthusiastic support of Long Beach Pride each year, is an expression of our value of helping every person live fully from their true self. Well that, and it’s a lot of fun – which is also a UU value.


Our UU value of world community puts us in partnership with people feeling violence, poverty, and persecution in their home countries. The accident of a person’s place of birth should not define the scope of their lives.


Our lifting up of community partners begins today with a look at organizations furthering our UU values of caring for children and families. We mark the traditional beginning of summer with a family-friendly celebration.

From the Ground Up

For the Sunday Worship at the close of District Assembly (DA), UUCLB presents two worship services at 9am and 11am. The two services are separate and self-contained, but also fit together to form one long worship service with an “Intermission” in the middle. Both services are inspired by the DA theme “From the Ground Up.”