This week in Virtual RE – Sunday, August 2nd

Chalice sUUmmer, Religious Education’s summer program continues. During Cipher sUUmmer, the mysterious is all around us, sometimes in plain sight, if you only know where and how to look.

Sunday, August 2nd  

9:30 am           Preschool/Kinder and 1st-4th grade. Children will be searching for and also creating hidden images; while older youth will be looking for mystery “Easter Eggs” in movies and online (with an adult’s help), then coming together on Sunday. Amara, our Nursery Caregiver, will be reading a story.

10:00 am         Time For All Ages during Worship, Older Than the Stars by the DRE.

11:30 am         5th-12th grade youth will also be exploring “Easter Eggs” in movies, theatre, and online, as well as a special media cypher to reveal the password for their Zoom meeting. (The password will also be emailed on the morning of in case you get stumped). Let’s get sleuthing!

See you soon guys, gals and non-binary pals!