News: Pacific Southwest Service Area Assembly (PSSAA)

In the tradition of the District Assemblies we used to enjoy each year, the Unitarian Universalists San Luis Obispo are hosting our first-ever Pacific
Southwest Service Area Assembly (PSSAA or PSWSA Assembly), on the weekend of April 21-23.

(The PSWSA has the same geographical footprint as the Pacific Southwest District had.) The weekend’s theme, “Living in Harmony with Each Other and Our Earth,” is particularly appropriate for an event held on Earth Day and featuring two Tribal leaders. Registration and many of the details are now available at on the Calendar page. Registration for in-person or virtual attendance is offered on a self-selecting fee scale, with costs ranging from $50 to $100.

UUs throughout southern California, southern Nevada and all of Arizona are urged to join in, sharing what’s going on in their congregations and enjoying TWO(!) meaningful keynoters, an assortment of workshops, YOUTH CON ACTIVITIES, worship, meals and more!  It’s possible to attend
virtually, but some events will not be available online.

Sponsoring the event is Camp de Benneville Pines, which will incorporate their annual meeting into the proceedings on Saturday morning. OUR BOARD IS LOOKING FOR DELEGATES TO PARTICIPATE IN THAT MEETING, which will provide several of our members an opportunity to get better acquainted with the staff and volunteers who work so hard to maintain and improve this wonderful facility.