Sunday March 28th – Faith in Action

“We must work together for diversity and against racism & oppression.”

(Kid’s version of the 8th Principle)

On Sunday, March 28, children and youth will put their faith into action by creating artwork, a poem, story, or other expression of their support for the 8th Principle. Our existing 7 principles imply this 8th principle but do not explicitly hold us accountable for addressing these oppressions directly, especially at the systemic level.

Religious Education families will receive information about the 8th principle prior to the class sessions on the 28th. During class, the children and youth will discuss their feelings about the principle and share their artwork (or poem, song, story, etc.).

The March Faith In Action Sunday is part of a series of monthly activities benefiting others. On March 21, families can return the animal shelter pet toys the children and youth created during February.

For more information, please contact Laura Scully at 562-822-0200 or