Join in the Fall Small Group Ministry Program

Start your fall church experience by deepening your personal growth as a spiritual being and your friendships with members/friends of UUCLB. New members to the church will also find participating in SGM a good way to strengthen their ties to the church. The fall session is built around five meetings that begin the week of September 11 and usually last an hour to an hour and a half. Participants share their thoughts and feelings on various topics. All meetings are on Zoom, however, groups may occasionally choose to meet in person.

To express your interest, fill out the form at this link by August 21.

Your SGM Planning Group is here if you have any questions:
Kevin Ford • Laura Scully • Norma Chinchilla • Nancy Krusbe • Chris Kempf

Zoom Meeting Times & Dates

Norma Chinchilla Tues. Sept. 13; Sept. 27; Oct. 11; Nov. 15; Dec. 13 10 am
Nancy Krusbe Wed. Sept. 14; Sept. 28, Oct. 12; Nov. 16; Dec. 14 10 am
Gail Saduka-Kempf Thur. Sept. 15; Sept. 29; Oct. 13; Nov. 17; Dec. 15 10 am
Jeffrey Kessler Thur. Sept. 15; Sept. 29; Oct. 13; Nov. 17; Dec. 15 7 pm
Kevin Ford / Kate Taylor Fri. Sept. 16; Sept. 30; Oct. 14; Nov. 18; Dec. 16 7 pm
Lynelle Wise Sat. Sept. 17; Oct. 1; Oct. 15; Nov. 19; Dec. 17 10 am