Widening the Circle of GA Attendees

The 8th Principle Scholarship Task Force is reaching out to people in the congregation whose social location may marginalize their participation and silence their voices. In order to combat those outcomes in our congregation, a new Board policy states that scholarships to attend General Assembly will be awarded to people with the following identities: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), LGBTQ+, young adults, youth, people with disabilities, or people whose socioeconomic status also places them in the margins.

In adopting this scholarship policy, the Board has confirmed that the church is eager for new voices to be heard, and that financial support is a compelling indication of that value. At the same time, history tells us that people who attend General Assembly, and other denominational events, inevitably return to the congregation with a deeper understanding of our faith tradition, along with new ideas, skills, energy, inspiration, confidence, and commitment – all of which serve the church, as well as themselves.

Do you identify with one of these groups? Would you be interested in participating in GA ’21, especially if your registration fee of $200 – this year’s only cost for attending GA – is paid by our church?

For the second year in a row, General Assembly will be held entirely online, June 23-27. You can enjoy GA ’21 from the comfort of your home. A few events will be available for everyone to observe, such as the Opening Ceremony, the Service of the Living Tradition, and the Sunday Worship Service. Others will be accessible only to registered attendees. Those include the business sessions, all of the workshops, featured speakers offered daily, frequent opportunities to network and reflect in smaller groups, plus the highlight of every GA – the Ware Lecture. Those attendees serving as delegates will be able to participate in discussions and to cast votes during the business meetings.

Are you interested in having the cost of your registration paid by the church? To apply, click on the following link, 8th Principle Scholarship.

For your application to be considered, it must be in the hands of the task force by May 2. Recipients will be notified on May 18 or 19.

An abundance of details about this year’s GA can be found on the UUA website at uua.org/ga. Look especially at the sections on programs and agendas. They’ll give you an idea of the rich offerings available to those who register for the entire GA – special speakers, major traditional events, a variety of worship experiences, opportunities to meet in small groups with UUs from across the country, and also some of the business that is a part of every GA. You can also register to attend GA at that site. If you have other questions, please contact the GA Scholarship Task Force at GAScholarships@UUCLB.org.