Why do I care About Article II – in the UUA Bylaws?

This year’s delegates, representing UUCLB at UUA General Assembly will consider a lengthy proposal to replace most of what is contained in Article
II of the UUA bylaws. It is bound to be controversial, in as much as Article II contains our Principles and Sources, our Purposes, and our statements of Inclusion and Freedom of Belief. To Learn more about why they are changing see this article: UU World Why is Article II Being Changed Already Rev. Lissa has offered us a chance to learn about the proposal, with the sermon she delivered February 26, “Beyond Principles and Purposes: Expanding Our Covenant with Article 2.” Her column in the March “Advance” Newsletter was also devoted to that subject.
Perhaps you attended the March 23 meeting of the Town Hall Council, where you saw a special video and had a chance to ask questions and to make comments?  The Video and information are here : https://www.uua.org/uuagovernance/committees/article-ii-study-commission

Four opportunities for learning and commenting are currently scheduled

Sunday, April 2, April 30, May 7, May 28 in Wylder Hall following the worship service.

There is an open period for proposed changes and Comment from April 1 to April 30 the UUA Board will review for priority.

After these changes are posted another meeting is scheduled at UUCLB on June 11, following the worship service, all members of the congregation are invited to meet with our GA delegates to further increase understanding and to make comments that can help guide our delegates’ votes.  The full report of the Article II Study Commission as submitted to the UUA Board of Trustees at its January 2023 meeting can be found here: https://www.uua.org/files/2023-02/article-II-study-report-2021-23.pdf

The report is comprehensive, informative – and very readable, in that it tells a fascinating story of the entire process up to that date. It includes photos,
and the text is open, not dense. It is also 26 pages long – so if you wish to read only the final recommendations, those are on pages 19-23. For easy comparison, the current text of Article II is on pages 17-18. Already a two-year project of intense study and serious conversation, including feedback from more than 4,600 ordinary Unitarian Universalists, the report was received by the Board in January. Since then, the Commission has continued to be responsive to “the people in the pews” through a series of forums, prompting some further amendments to the text.

In addition, a mini-assembly at the General Assembly will discuss amendments to be recommended, some of which will then be voted on by the GA delegates. Link to the mini-Assembly June 22 9:30am PST (may be delegates only) Link.  After the amending process, that body will vote to accept, or not, the entire proposal, with a simple majority required in order for the
process to continue. If approved by this year’s delegates, the proposal will be offered to next year’s General Assembly, with only limited further
amendments allowed. The final vote requires a two-thirds majority in order to adopt the changes permanently.

-Submitted by Sandy Kroll Denominational Representative at UUCLB, Editorial updates by Kathy Adams Webteam Chair