UUCLB Supports Black Lives UU

During the month of April, members and friends of UUCLB collected over three thousand dollars in response to a call from the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) to support an organizing collective called Black Lives Unitarian Universalist (BLUU).

Through a campaign called “Promise and Practice” the UUA called upon all our member congregations to commit time during worship to exploring the challenges sometimes faced by black Unitarian Universalists who feel out of place in our current church culture. UUCLB devoted our worship time on February 4 to raising these concerns.

The Promise and Practice campaign also asked our congregations to financially support the work of BLUU to develop initiatives to address the issue more thoroughly in the coming years. Each congregation was encouraged to raise at least $10 per church member in order to qualify for a matching grant that would double the congregation’s generosity.

I’m proud to report that UUCLB successfully met the goal of the matching grant. Our current membership is 285. We raised $3128.74. I sent our gift and a letter to the UUA in early June.

Rev. Rick Hoyt-McDaniels