The “Special Collection” is now the “Social Justice Collection”

The Social Justice Collection (formerly known as Special Collection) is taken once a month to support a local nonprofit that we feel supports our Unitarian Universalist social justice values and is worthy of your financial support. There are a number of organizations that we have a personal connection to. There are a number of organizations that we have supported for years. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t welcome suggestions for new recipients. We all know that there are so many worthy organizations out there.

If you know of a Long Beach-area 501c3 that could use our help and that you support, please contact the Social Justice Committee via Norma Edwards at beachykeeno at To over-generalize wildly, the group should not be fabulously wealthy or about to fold. They should be locally based and focused. They should align with our priorities and values. If you have a summary or information on the organization, that will help.

There is no Social Justice Collection in December. Instead we have a holiday collection where half goes to the Minister’s Fund and half to an organization of the Minister’s choice. We do try to decide our upcoming  recipients in November, but you can always feel free to suggest a worthy organization. Changes can be made. Thank you for your help and support!

Share Your Suggestions!