Still Time to Pledge to Stewardship Giving-2021-22

We are at the end of our official pledge campaign. If you haven’t mailed or brought your Pledge Form to the office yet be sure to get it in the mail now! We are still totaling the pledge drive results.

Learn more about our budget and about the our Pledging for 2021-2022: Learn about the budget

If you want a guide for your household on how to consider your pledge amount: Contribution Guide

It’s time to pledge! If you have not, here’s the link to do your pledge on-line: Pledge Now

Our giving from you supports all that we do and plan to do in Worship, Religious Education, Social Justice, music and arts, as well as pastoral care and UUA support. Your generous giving will also enable us to invest more in the technology to enable us to expand our reach online once we can congregate together.

We celebrate all that we have and will continue to accomplish with your caring, your love, your generous giving. Thank you all for letting us know how much you can share in the coming year.

-Stewardship Giving