NOVEMBER— Special Collection for Interval House

INTERVAL HOUSE –Crisis Shelter & Centers for Victims of Domestic Violence. Interval House was founded in 1979 as a lifeline to underserved victims in crisis. Today Interval House has strengthened its mission and purpose by offering specialized programs and services in more than 70 different languages for both youth and adult victims.

Over the past 35 years, Interval House has served as a comprehensive safety net for individuals and families affected by domestic violence in Long Beach. Their programs help bridge a critical gap in our community, helping the most culturally underserved and impoverished victims of domestic violence achieve their dreams of safety, stability, and self-sufficiency.

Interval House is an essential business/activity and remains operational. They have transitioned their groups, counseling, legal assistance, and case management to safe digital platforms. In these trying times Interval House’s services have grown exponentially. They have drastically expanded efforts to provide emergency financial support to hundreds of individuals and families in the wake of widespread business closures, reduced hours, and layoffs related to COVID-19. They have also expanded outreach to business owners, property management companies, landlords, and the community at large to inform them of rental assistance programs to help those at risk of losing their homes.

The special collection is taken on the second Sunday of each month, but you can support the monthly special collection by donating until the last Sunday of the month and marking your check with “Special Collection”. Mail your check to UUCLB, 5450 E. Atherton Street, Long Beach, CA 90808. To donate via text, download the app to your phone and type in “Special Collection” (example: 20 Special Collection). Or, if using the app, select “Special Collection“ from the list. For online giving go to