Social Justice Faith Based Community Organizing – Listening Campaign – Answer the Call

Organizing begins with a listening campaign. 

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“Relationships are not a means to power. They are our power. They are our heartbeat.”

If you were excited about the Social Justice Forum with LA Voice take the next step and participate with the “one on ones”  listening campaign.  The Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach (UUCLB) Community Organizing has begun. The UUCLB Local Organizing Committee (LOC) has formed. The committee members are reaching out and listening to as many members and friends of our congregation as we can within the next couple of months. The listening campaign “officially starts” our organizing process. When you get the call, please join in the conversation with a member of the LOC.

What is your highest aspiration as we emerge from this moment, and why? What do you feel it will take to live into that aspiration? How is your faith speaking to you at this moment?

Our Intent is to…

  • Build relationships with new people and to deepen relationships with old friends
  • Discern the core values of our beloved community
  • Name common problems and shared concerns

Building these relationships and naming our common problems and concerns allows us to then:

  • Explore possible solutions with the LA Voice organizing network, and seek to locate the necessary resources to implement a desired solution and
  • Identify the decision-maker with the authority to resolve the issue and have them make public commitments for tangible steps to be taken

Be a part of something bigger.  Take part in the Listening Campaign.

A goal of the Listening Campaign is to strengthen the congregation’s presence in Long Beach, the County, and the State by sitting down and listening to individuals and families in our church community and identifying fundamental problems in our communities that we need and want to address.

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Pat Marr is the “UUCLB to LA Voice Liasion”.

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