Social Justice Collection July

Our Social Justice recipient for the month of July is Bienestar Human Services. Bienestar was founded in 1989 as a direct response to the lack of resources available for Latinx and LGBTQ+ individuals at the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis in Southern California. Bienestar is a community-based social services organization focusing on identifying and addressing emerging health issues faced by Latinx and LGBTQ+ populations. Bienestar reaches these unique populations through innovative and compassionate peer-to-peer modeling that is 100% culturally relevant to the communities it serves. Underserved communities sit on an intersectional spectrum of experiences and needs. Bienestar strives to rebuild the trust in our medical system, break down barriers to care, inspire our next agents of change, and provide a support system toward health equity for all.

Bienestar’s education and support programs encompass HIV/ AIDS prevention, STI testing and treatment, mental health services, substance use and harm reduction, men’s health, trans health, a food bank, housing help, and youth empowerment. All services are offered to the community for free. Bienestar serves the greater Los Angeles County community with several locations, including Long Beach.

Bienestar is always accepting motivated and enthusiastic volunteers to help with their different programs and services for the community. Volunteer tasks and assignments vary across each of their centers, staff, and programs and include an internship program for students working toward a Masters in Social Work. You can read more about Bienestar at their Web site:

You can support Bienstar until the last Sunday of July by mail, text, or online.