Social Justice Collection February

Our UUCLB February special collection will go to the Dream Success Center at California State University Long Beach, our community partner for what we traditionally called the UUCLB “Dreamer Scholarship Program.”  Diane Kert, long-time coordinator of this program led us through the transition that has us now working with the Dream Success Center at CSULB.

Many of us make our donations to this special collection to honor her memory. Last year our generous donations allowed the Dream Success Center to award two $2500 scholarships from the Norma Stoltz Chinchilla Scholarship Fund which the Dream Success Center now administers. The rest of our donation to the Dream Success Center was used to provide direct services to undocumented students (paid internships, emergency supplies, academic, legal and psychological support) .

Some background information:
Undocumented students at CSULB and other local colleges are a racially and ethnically diverse group of young people who were brought here from other countries by their parents as children. They attended and graduated from U.S. high schools but have no path to citizenship under our current harsh immigration policies. Undocumented college students in the U.S. are a diverse group: 45.7% are Hispanic, 27.2% are AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander), 13.8% are Black, and 10% are white, and 3.4% fall under other categories. Over 80% of the undocumented students at CSULB are the first in their families to pursue a college degree. Their struggle to complete their degrees in a reasonable amount of time became more difficult over the last two years when anti-immigrant group legal challenges to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program prevented it from accepting new applicants. This means that more and more undocumented students seeking higher degrees or technical training do not have valid work
permits, temporary protection from deportation or any of the other benefits that DACA status would have given them.

his makes the services the Dream Success Center offers and the encouragement that they give students more important than ever. Representatives from the Dream Success Center will attend our worship service on Feb. 11. 2024 and stay after service to answer questions and give updates on achievements and challenges of immigrant students pursuing degrees that will allow them to contribute to the
future of this country. In recognition of our generosity as a community partner, the CSULB Dream Success Center has invited us to lunch on the campus and a tour of the Center. If you have a special interest in learning more about this invitation or other other questions or need more information contact Norma Chinchilla at

How to donate: You can support the monthly special collection by donating until the last Sunday of the month and marking your check with “February Special Collection”.

Mail your check to: UUCLB,5450 E. Atherton Street, Long Beach, CA 90808.

You can also give to the February Special Collection anytime in the month using Text-to-Give: To give $25.00, for example, text: “25 Special Collection” (or any amount) to 833-931-1845. Gifts sent with no designation just go to the regular Offering, Pro Tip: to cover any convenience fees for the church, you can text: “25 Special Collection cover” or simply text: “Cover fees on” to cover fees on ALL text gifts.)
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