September Social Justice Collection

The Trauma center provides free mental health support for all in need.

The mission of the Long Beach Trauma Recovery Center is to make quality trauma- focused mental health services available to all who are in need. The LBTRC work with individuals, families, and children who have been victims of crime or trauma. All services are free of charge. The LBTRC provides counseling and mental health services for these clients and also provides some case management services such as assistance with housing, obtaining Victim’s Compensation funds, and locating support services for medical or other needs. Our Social Justice Collection usually takes place on the second Sunday, but this month it will happen on September 24. You can also support LBTRC up until the last Sunday of the month, by mail, text, or online.

(On the second Sunday we will be having a Special Collection for the victims of the terrible fires in Maui.) If by mail, note “Special Collection” on your check to UUCLB, and send it to UUCLB, 5450 E. Atherton St., Long Beach, CA 90808. Using Text-to-Give, text the words “25 Special Collection” and the amount to 833-931-1845.

To give $25, for example, text “25 Special Collection $25.”To cover any convenience fees for the church, you can add the word “cover” (so “25 Special Collection $25 cover”) or simply text “Cover fees on” to cover fees on all text gifts. For online giving digital go to

The Special Collections for Social Justice are reviewed and updated by the Social Justice Collection Team annually and the decisions for the next year decided in November.  Contact Norma Edwards for suggestions.  The criteria is a local organization that should not already be wealthy nor about to “fold”.