Saving Democracy

Connect with folks who are Saving Democracy.. See our ongoing updates at  See us after church at our table.  Resources and information are at the Social Justice Saving Democracy Webpage

Postcarding and letter writing is happening. Stop by the table Sundays after the Service at 11:30.

Pre-order your cards now, by emailing, and requesting the number you would like (5, 10, 20, or more.) If you contact us, we will send you the script, directions, and video link in advance, and you may simply pick up your cards Sunday. We are required to use ROV postcards and follow their guidelines.

To join in, come to the drop-in meeting in rooms 2-3.. Please arrive by 12:15 to allow 15 minutes OR preorder now at

UU the Vote 2024 

UU the Vote 2024 is an ambitious strategy to grow a powerful pro-democracy majority. The work that is needed in 2024 will require us to anchor in our power and connect authentically to mobilize UUs, voters, and our local communities.


UU the Vote logo graphic

This year we will continue to support and collaborate with local organizing groups leading some of the biggest fights, and we are thrilled to introduce two of our 2024 partners:

We will build our commitment to democratic practices and recommit to showing up for social movements building infrastructure and relationships to sustain us beyond the electoral year.

Visit to learn more, sign up to volunteer, or donate to protect democracy.