Nov 13 – The New Abortion Landscape

Join in this Social Justice Forum by attending in person at the UUCLB lounge or joining on Zoom.

Dr. Kathy Brunts, a retired physician living in St Louis, Elaine Chen, doctoral candidate at Harvard, and church member Michele Read will share their thoughts and knowledge about the overlooked and under appreciated aspects of banning abortions and the failings of the legal language that codify it.

When the Supreme Court ended federal constitutional protection for people seeking abortions, trigger laws, never-repealed laws, and hastily passed new laws created a flood of circumstances where it was unclear to pregnant persons and their doctors what was legally permissible. The new laws often have life-threatening consequences because of ambiguous wording or unscientific beliefs embedded in them.

Join us in person in the UUCLB Lounge or on Zoom at 11:30 on Sunday, November 13th.