Ministerial Search Committee Update

We are pleased to tell you Alicia Davis and Pat Marr agree to serve as Co-Chairs of the Committee. We recently had the pleasure of engaging in a retreat for a day and a half to explore our roles, and the tasks to be done in the upcoming year, and who will be the point person for those tasks. Our coach, Rev. Anne Hines, was an excellent facilitator and will be a valuable resource throughout the coming year.
Our next steps include preparing for the congregational survey and cottage meetings as well as some “housekeeping” tasks for the committee.
Please feel free to discuss your thoughts or concerns directly with any member of the committee or contact us by email at
In Service, Alicia Davis – Nasreen Sarah Gagner – Mimi Gephart Seeley – Joanna Messer Kimmitt
Pat Marr – Edie Mickey-Silveria – Miguel Pagan