Ministerial Search Committee — Nominations

Ministerial Search Committee Selection —

If you are a member of UUCLB you are invited to nominate up to three people from our membership for the Ministerial Search Committee. For your convenience you may nominate by using the following link:

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) has begun accepting nominations for the Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) by calling each member.

  • If there was no answer at your home a message will be left (if the opportunity is given) which included information on how to submit your nominations.
  • If you have not received a call or message by Sunday, please come to the LDC table.
  • To submit your nomination, you may:
  • Stop by the Leadership Development table on the next three Sundays.
  • Respond via email at
  • Respond by nominating on line: 

The following members have indicated interest in being nominated:

– Alicia Davis
– Danielle Dolloff
– Ines Echegaray
– Nasreen Gagner
– Mimi Gephart-Seeley
– Jay Kay
– Joanna Kimmit
– Pat Marr
– Miguel Pagan
– Edie Mickey-Silveria
– Gina Stephens

  • Statements from interested members will be available at the LDC table each Sunday in February.
  • The 10 – 14 individuals with the most nominations and who are willing to run will be on the ballot.
  • The individuals who spoke at the forums were self-selected and are asking to be nominated but are not assured of a place on the ballot.
  • If you are thinking of nominating a member other than those who have expressed interest, you may wish to ask that member if she/he/they is interested in running for the MSC. Otherwise, you run the risk of “wasting” your nomination.
  • No nominations will be taken after February 24.

 Once again, some suggestions of the kind of person to seek:

  • an overall perspective and commitment to the nature, purpose, and activities of the church.
  • committed to UU pluralism
  • able to work for consensus
  • time to be thoroughly and continually involved 
  • without rigid requirements regarding ministerial state, sex, marital status, age, etc.
  • constantly remembers the wishes of the Congregation
  • history of UU involvement
  • has the confidence of the Congregation
  • respect the confidentiality of the process