MEET OUR NEW INTERIM MINISTER: Reverend Richard Hoyt-McDaniels

Your Board of Trustees is thrilled to announce that the Reverend Richard Hoyt-McDaniels has agreed to be our Interim Minister! He will start on Tuesday, January 16th, 2018, and be with us until the congregation selects a new Settled Minister. Rev. Rick has extensive experience and is concluding his position as the Settled Minister at First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles where he served for the last 9 years. A native of Santa Monica, he is looking forward to helping our Church during this time of healing and reimagining ourselves. We feel very fortunate to have found a capable Minister ready and willing to help us during this transition period.

Not only will he continue to fill the ministerial role for our Church, but he will prepare our Church for our next Settled Minister. Over the next few years, Rev. Rick will work with the congregation, staff, lay leaders, committees, and the Board to examine, reshape, and strengthen UUCLB into a healthier institution spiritually, communally, fiscally, and administratively. That sounds like a lot of work; it will be. The Interim Minister Search Team recommended him and the Board approved him specifically because he is a person who has the gumption and ingenuity to take on and complete difficult and complex tasks. As the Minister of First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles, he literally helped rebuild their church.

We trust that you will welcome him with an open heart and help teach him about our vibrant Church’s many groups, programs, traditions, and history. This is an exciting time for our Church and we know he shares in this excitement.

Rev. Judy Tomlinson will remain as our Bridge Minister until Rev. Rick is brought up to speed. She will continue to advise us and work with us until she passes the ministerial baton to him next year. We feel so fortunate to have two such capable and caring ministers step in to see us onto our next path. We see good things ahead for UUCLB.