March 2018 Special Collection

The Special Collection during March 2018 (all collections from the March 4 service, and any others marked “Special Collection” during the month) will be directed to UUCLB’s own Dreamers Scholarship.

This scholarship is offered to California State University Long Beach undocumented students who qualify under AB540 (considered as state residents). Funds collected go directly to the students and will be awarded at our Sunday services on June 3.

Scholarship students from last year share their thoughts: In regards to the scholarship, I was and continue to be thankful for such generous contribution to my studies. Aside from the monetary aspect the scholarship encouraged me to continue working hard to realize my dreams despite the current hostile social and political environment. – Maria

Your generosity is making it possible for us to achieve our dreams of becoming who we want to be and to make our community and our whole world a better place. – Grace

Dreamers across the country have received pretty tough news over the past year but the scholarship is very symbolic to me and has served as a source of strength. – Adriana

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