Join the Voter Engagement Team

leaders organizing get-out-the-vote letter writing

Every Sunday through the end of October, join the VOTER ENGAGEMENT TEAM after church writing letters and postcards to GET OUT THE VOTE all over the U.S. You’ll be writing letters to voters who have been less likely to vote in the past to encourage them to turn out for mid-term elections. We want to help mobilize as many voters as possible to exercise their democratic right to vote. We meet after church at 11:30 am usually in the Lounge. If not in the Lounge, there will be signs directing you to right room.

Snacks will be provided.

Brought to you by Mack and Ken Scott-Baron, Kamilah Holmes, Will Gagner, Sandy Kroll, Pauline McMahon, Patricia Chen and all the many writers.

You are needed, too!