Helping at Project Achieve

Since this month has 5 Mondays, our congregation has the opportunity once again to prepare dinner for the residents of the city’s only year-round homeless shelter, Project Achieve

On Monday, April 30, these people will be furnishing dinner for the residents of Project Achieve: Jan Colbert, Jim Crook and Elizabeth Louros, Nasreen & Will Gagner, Jane Kaylor, Roxanne Korzeniowski, Sandy Kroll, Pauline McMahon, Nancy Popoff, Jayne Swanson, Gretel Whisnant.

In addition to preparing the food, many of these people will help transport and then serve the food to the residents, joining them at the dinner tables. Every one of these people has helped with a Guest Chef event in the past, which shows that it’s a gratifying project. The residents always enjoy it, too!

The next 5th Monday is July 30th. Mark your calendar and contact Sandy Kroll (sdkroll10 (at); 562.986.9886) if you’d like to take part.