From Your Ministerial Search Committee… MSC UPDATE

Cottage Meetings and Focus Groups: Visit our table after the Sunday service to register, sign up online via, or email the MSC at to reserve your slot.
If you are invited to an affinity focus group and/or are part of a committee that is in a focus group, please refrain from signing up for a cottage meeting to make space for all to participate in this process.
Survey update: THANK YOU so much – we achieved 58% participation! We will be sharing results soon – watch this space!
As always, feel free to discuss your thoughts or concerns directly with any member of the committee, or contact all of us by emailing
In Service, Alicia Davis – Nasreen Sarah Gagner – Mimi Gephart Seeley – Joanna Messer Kimmitt – Pat Marr – Edie Mickey-Silveria – Miguel Pagan