From the 2018 Annual UUCLB Congregational Meeting

At the annual congregational meeting on May 6, UUCLB members came together to elect our leaders and approve the budget for the coming year, and to recognize members who have been of service to the church and larger community.

Newly Elected Board of Trustees
3 years – Robert Moore
3 years – Robert Fisher-Rowe
3 years – Virginia Quinn
2 years – Michael Sallwasser
1 year – Evelyn Taylor
1 year – Edie Mickey-Silveria
Clerk (no term limit) – Carol Quinlan

Continuing Board of Trustees members
1 more year – Jeffrey Kessler
2 more years – Laura Scully and Linda Savard
Treasurer – Joni Jones

Leadership Development Committee
2 years – Eduarda Diaz-Schwarzbach
2 years – Jan Goodwin
1 year – Treacy Gephart-Seeley
1 year – Pauline McMahon

This Year’s Award Recipients – When you see one of these individuals, please thank them for their service to our church!

Dale Young and Jan Goodwin – Atherton Award
Alicia Davis and Patricia Hart – Earl Birch Smith Arts in the Church Award
Rose Ann Lang and Becky Nankivell – Chalice Award
Joni Jones – David Brown Ethics and Integrity Award
Jan Ford and Michael Sallwasser – Jack and Helen Graham Social Justice Award
Ginger Hemingway and Meltem Narter – Unsung UU Award