Fall Mini Boutique Coming in November

jewelry: bracelet, necklace, earrings

What is a Fall Mini Boutique?
A Fall Mini Boutique is a holiday shopping opportunity for UUCLB members and friends. The Fall Mini Boutique will be open after first and second service on Sundays from November 19 through December 10.

What will the Fall Mini Boutique have for sale?
The Fall Mini Boutique will fashion your donations of jewelry and other special treasures for special purchases for the holidays. We will also be accepting Poster Items with event dates through January 2018, such as the Super Bowl Party.

I have been saving my jewelry donation for the Service Auction. What should I do?
The Service Auction will be held this year on Saturday, January 27, 2018, and will focus on live Auction Items and Poster Items. We welcome your jewelry donations now for the Mini Fall Boutique!

Where do I bring my donations?
We will have a Fall Mini Boutique representative available to accept your donations every Sunday from October 22 through December 10.

Where will the proceeds be used?
The funds are for the 2017–18 Budget.

How can I support the Mini Boutique?
1. Donate your jewelry and small household treasures!
2. Sign up for 45 minutes as a Boutique Sales Clerk!

Phone or text Joanne Pon Rubin (562) 505-4998 or Chrisanne Blankenship-Billings (773) 718-1490