Fall Boutique Preparations have begun – How You Can Help: Reserve 2022 Oct 9, 30 Nov 13, 20, January 28 2023

Your Auction Committee, Boutique Team and the Green Team are coordinating efforts to bring you The Fall Boutique and Plant Sale on Sundays November 13 and 20.

We request your gardening support now by:
1. Propagating your favorite plants, including succulents
2. Saving iris rhizomes and spring bulbs when you split and divide
3. Saving and packaging seeds from your garden
4. Sharing your reusable plastic, clay and ceramic pots (now)

Summer Cleaning Guide:
5. Save Nearly New and Unused Discoveries. Appropriate
items are nearly new and unused: small household treasures,
toys/games, jewelry, accessories, sport equipment (smaller
sized) and new pet supplies.
6. Save Unused Gift Cards
7. The Fall Boutique does not accept clothing or large household items

When and where can I bring donations?
We will accept your clean reusable plastic, clay and ceramic pots now. (Contact Joanne or Phibun.)

We will accept your donations from your porch or you can drop them off at church starting Sunday, October 9 and ending
October 30.

We will accept plants and other plant related items on Sunday, November 13 before Service.

Where will the proceeds be used for?

The funds are for the 2022-23 UUCLB Operating Budget.

When is the Service Auction this year?
Saturday January 28, 2023. Put this date on your calendar!