Building a Culture of Inclusion: An Interactive Workshop With Paula Cole Jones

The Building a Culture of Inclusion interactive workshop had over 40 engaged participants.

In May 2021, UUCLB adopted the 8th Principle which affirms a commitment to “build a diverse and multicultural Beloved Community.” The Building a Culture of Inclusion interactive workshop is the catalyst for “accountably dismantling racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.” the intention of the 8th Principle.

To continue this move to accountably dismantle racism and other forms of oppression in ourselves and our institutions, we are offering on-line classes using the Widening the Circle of Concern study guide. There will be five total classes for each small group. We are hoping to have folx from all the communities within our congregation join us in the sacred work of building a plan of action.

We will have at least four options of times of classes for small groups concurrently during the months of March, April and May. To make the classes as convenient as possible for the most people we will likely be doing most of them on Zoom. One may be in person.



Feedback from Ms. Cole Jones Workshop:

Thank you, thank you for bringing Paula Jones here for an inspiring and an extremely productive and informative workshop. Everything was just right: her voice, her wording, her style, her calm, her power point, and the way she fielded questions.”

Please accept my sincere and humble thanks for facilitating today’s workshop in such a gloriously stellar fashion. It was hugely successful. … Your presentation was exceptionally well thought out and organized. It was impressive. More importantly, it was compelling…

Questions about the Workshop or for more info: