• Do you feel a need to deepen your personal and spiritual connections at UUCLB?
  • Would you be interested in doing this in a group framework that provides mutual care and support?
If your answer is Yes to the above questions, you may want to consider participating in UUCLB ‘s Small Group Ministry, Summer Zoom Edition.
Small Group Ministry (SGM) is a longstanding program within many UU churches which strives to deepen members’ and friends’ experiences of “church” through their participation in lay led small groups. UUCLB had two Small Group Ministry programs in the past in which members and friends participated in regular and small group discussions. Typical meetings consisted of four parts: opening words, check-in, discussion about a particular topic (for example, Living Simply), and closing words.
Given this ‘pandemic’ time in which personal and spiritual connections have been stressed, some of us have felt that UUCLB members and friends may benefit from participation in the Small Group Ministry, Summer Zoom Edition. This will be a time-limited program this summer while we are in transition from saying good-bye to our Interim Minister and welcoming our Settled Minister.
The SGM Summer Zoom Edition will occur on the internet video conferencing platform, Zoom, which the church has been using for Sunday Worship services. Participants will be able to access the meetings via the internet or by telephone. The program will consist of six groups of eight people each, including a facilitator and seven participants. Beginning in the last week of June, each group will meet every other week for a total of four meetings. Meetings will last approximately 1-1/4 hours so as to avoid “Zoom fatigue.” Here are the group days and times:
 If you would like to enroll in a Small Group Ministry group, please email the SGM Implementation Team at with your 1<